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The Application Process

  1. Contact us at to set up a time to speak with one of our consultants to ensure that your institution is eligible and that CARE-Q is a good fit for your office.
  2. After discussing your interest with CARE-Q, you will be provided with the CARE-Q terms of membership and a CARE-Q certification application for you to complete. 
  3. Once your application is accepted, you will complete the IRB Written Procedures Self-Assessment (WPSA) while you:
    1. Review your current policies and procedures
    2. Revise and develop new policies and procedures, as needed, to address all items in the self-assessment document
    3. Ensure that all IRB-related materials available on the web are internally consistent and accurately reflect your policies and procedures
    4. Consider contacting one of our consultants for a preliminary review of your application, as needed
    5. Consider reviewing materials developed by our other successful applicants (see Resources) and using them to help develop / modify your policies and procedures
    6. Respond to each of the required items in the self-assessment form by identifying the sections of your source documents that address that item, and include a link to that document for our reviewer
    7. Compile the supporting documents into an indexed PDF