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Testimonials about the Evaluation & Certification Process

Completing the CARE-Q self-assessment checklist compelled us to systematically review ALL of our policies and procedures – something we hadn’t done in several years – and helped us identify those that were out-of-date, poorly described, or inadequate (or missing!).  This turned out to be a great exercise for our staff as they reviewed and assembled these materials, and many expressed how much better prepared they are now to deal with investigators’ questions.

To prepare for the CARE-Q site visit, we held several sessions for both our staff and our IRB members to familiarize them with our newly revised policies and procedures.   This engendered lively discussions and helped us to further improve the clarity of our policies and their exposition on our website.  Virtually all found this to be a very positive educational experience.

Reviewing the IRB policies and procedures of other campuses already certified (links on the CARE-Q Resources webpage) was extremely helpful as we updated our own materials.  Having easy access to those resources saved us many hours, and provided us with great models for how to describe our policies clearly and succinctly.