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Testimonials about the Evaluation & Certification Process

To prepare for CARE-Q certification, we held several sessions for both our staff and our IRB members to familiarize ourselves with newly revised policies and procedures. This prompted lively discussions to further improve the clarity of our policies and effectiveness of our program.  We found the certification process to be a positive educational experience.

Tani, UC Santa Cruz

Participating in the CARE-Q HRPP interview process was a positive, friendly, and collegial experience. The interview was a conversation among colleagues and sparked a larger discussion surrounding quality improvement initiatives. The experience was both enriching and useful for our program.  

Allison, Stanford University

The CARE-Q accreditation process is something that our Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) looked forward to.  We already had HRPP policies in place, however some required updating per current practices and the accreditation process provided an opportunity to revisit these. Additionally, we revitalized some of our outdated website guidance and documents as a result. Using the CARE-Q provided checklist, our team completed the self-assessment process in a couple of months as a part-time project.  During this process, CARE-Q helped us to re-phrase policy to read more accurately using succinct language. In addition, they provided feedback on and allowed us to showcase our very best work in stellar protocol review and unique protocol efficiencies.  Isn't it the most meaningful feedback when it comes from those in the field, your peers?  Perhaps their findings can be what you need to further elevate your HRPP.  If you are looking for a quality assessment of your HRPP from kindhearted, well experienced people who know IRB regulations, CARE-Q is the answer!

Beverley, UC Irvine